3-D Mode Re-meshing in Blender - Tips and Important Information

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    Meshing 3-D Objects in Blender

    What is the process of re-meshing?
    - To re-mesh an object means to make an object difference in appearance or remake it entirely

    Why should I re-mesh objects? They look fine from a distance, right?
    - Not necessarily, the models that have been automatically generated to make a mesh which can be very inaccurate to the original sprite.

    Some Useful Shortcuts:
    - Ctrl + Tab switches between face, edge and vertex selection modes
    - Tab goes into edit mode (you should know this already)
    - W this key can help you subdivide faces, edges and vertices
    - Ctrl + J joins two meshes/objects together into one
    - E extrudes faces, edges, and vertices
    - Middle-mouse-click + L Shift lets you pan across your work space

    + many more shortcuts that have their own uses

    Useful resources:
    The Official Blender Manual:

    Blender Guru - YouTube Tutorials:
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    This Low Poly Asian Temple Game Asset project will help with learning how to create custom textures.
    Wayward Art Company's Low Poly Modeling in Blender

    It is a rather long walk-through as it also covers modeling before showing some texture painting and, finally, baking the texture in cycles with all of the lighting and whatnots
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