3-D Mode Re-meshing in Blender - Tips and Important Information

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    Meshing 3-D Objects in Blender

    What is the process of re-meshing?
    - To re-mesh an object means to make an object difference in appearance or remake it entirely

    Why should I re-mesh objects? They look fine from a distance, right?
    - Not necessarily, the models that have been automatically generated to make a mesh which can be very inaccurate to the original sprite.

    Some Useful Shortcuts:
    - Ctrl + Tab switches between face, edge and vertex selection modes
    - Tab goes into edit mode (you should know this already)
    - W this key can help you subdivide faces, edges and vertices
    - Ctrl + J joins two meshes/objects together into one
    - E extrudes faces, edges, and vertices
    - Middle-mouse-click + L Shift lets you pan across your work space

    + many more shortcuts that have their own uses

    Useful resources:
    The Official Blender Manual:

    Blender Guru - YouTube Tutorials:

    Wayward Art Company's Low Poly Modeling in Blender:

    Modeling, Unwrapping and Texture painting workflow in Blender - Part 1 of 4:

    Alessandro's Remeshing from Scratch Tutorial : How-To Remesh 3D Objects for FreeSO
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    This Low Poly Asian Temple Game Asset project will help with learning how to create custom textures.
    Wayward Art Company's Low Poly Modeling in Blender

    It is a rather long walk-through as it also covers modeling before showing some texture painting and, finally, baking the texture in cycles with all of the lighting and whatnots
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    This 4 part series is short and simple, but very thorough and is an excellent choice as an introduction to texture painting. The model it uses is a simple low poly mushroom that is easy to model, easy to UV Unwrap and easy to paint. The 4 videos total about 45 minutes.

    Modeling, Unwrapping and Texture painting workflow in Blender

    Part 1 - Modeling (a low poly mushroom. Very quick and simple.)
    Part 2 - UV Unwrapping (includes an explanation and discussion about UV Unwrapping. great intro to it)
    Part 3 - Texture Painting part 1
    Part 4 - Texture Painting part 2
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    Our FreeSO community has started posting guides, tutorials, and walk-throughs!

    Chaul remeshes the office chair from to start to finish (youtube)

    This youtube video is the recording of a live stream and covers exporting the generated mesh to use as a loose guide, modeling your new object, uv mapping, texturing, baking details into your texture and then removing some geometry to keep your poly count as low as possible, and, finally, saving and importing into FreeSO for testing

    Alessandro's guide to re-meshing from scratch

    Alessandro's forum posts cover locating and exporting an object from FreeSO, importing it into Blender, offers some tips on modeling, explains his methods for getting the best possible texture including dealing with a texture that requires using some transparency.
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    Here's a couple of sites that offer very nice stock photos for free.

    Free stock photos you can use everywhere. ✓ Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required
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