3D Max crashing issues.

Discussion in 'Objects' started by simsfreak, Dec 29, 2016.

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    I have never worked using 3D Max. So I decided to jump the bandwagon and download 3D Max Design 2015.

    I am really impressed how convenient the interface is.

    I have various points.

    1. Blender uses 'addons', but it seems 3D Max we do not need them? <-- For Sprite creations ... because there is a pre-saved Chair with the lights and cameras positions in the zip files i downloaded.

    2. 3D Max keeps crashing. Two things happens... Let say 3D Max is open, and I want to open Chrome, in a few after opening Chrome, my PC goes into a black screen flashing once and when it comes back to normal and I try to use 3D Max i cannot. Another issue is "Netframework encounter problem"

    This is my PC stats:
    Windows 10 Home
    Version 1607
    Processor A10-8700P Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G 1.80 GHz
    Installed RAM 8.00 GB (7.45 GB usable)
    64-bit operating system, x64 based processor.

    I may not have the BEST computer graphics or what not, I can assure you I have handled plenty of games that requires tremendous graphic in the past and it doesn't flinch a second or crash.

    4. Can I download a previous version of 3ds max maybe 2009? and see if is lighter than this 2015?
    - If I do and this may help, will I be able to use the settings on the "Sprite-zip File" so I can create custom stuff.

    For some reason, I personally like how the "render" looks in Max than Blender. My preference.

    I can run Blender Cycle Render and even... bake and It never crashed on me.

    I need someone with common sense to help me.


    P.S I have spent a great deal of my afternoon, searching in google, Auto desk forum, YouTube... .to find what methods resolves this problem. Some people say is the graphics, other say is Windows 10 problem, other shows how to fix net-framework and not sure what to do here.
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    The 3DS Max plugin only works with old versions of 3DS Max. However, old versions of 3ds max do not work correctly on Windows 10. This is why I made the blender plugin.

    You can change the lighting setup if you think there's a better way to lay it out. Right now the light isn't very directional, it's mostly ambient.
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  3. simsfreak

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    I am playing with the settings in Blender right now. TY

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