About Skill Decay - A Poll

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vesker, Feb 19, 2017.


About Skill Decay's future:

  1. It's fine the way it is.

  2. The amount of decay should be reduced.

  3. It should be removed.

  4. 0 to 5, 5 to 10, 10 to 15 and 15 to 20 Thresholds.

  5. After achieving lvl 20 in a Skill, the Decay Stops, demonstrating that you've Mastered that Skill.

  1. Vesker

    Vesker New Member

    Why have it? I mean, I know TSO had it, there's a way to lock your Skills for it not to decaybut still, FreeSO is not TSO, it's an improvement upon it.
    Skill Decay isn't fun, at least, I've never seen someone liking it. It just sucks that you spend your whole day leveling up your skills, achieve a threshold, feel good about it, go to sleep, wake up, log-in to FreeSO and see that all your skills just got worse. And there I go spend more unnecessary time leveling it up again to where it was.
    It's an artificial time spender and not a fun one. What happens if you can't log in for more than a day? Or a week, or dare I say a month?
    It's just not fun.
    I have some suggestions - Removing the Decay, if that sounds too extreme, at least reduce the decay amount. Or maybe implementing a Skill Decay Threshold, something like, "After lvl 10 it can't go below 10, but between 0 and 10 it can. After lvl 15 it can't go below 15 but between 10 and 15 it can."
    It would be something to work for, an achievement of your hard spent time.
    FreeSO IS a game that requires a LOT of your time to improve yourself, it's just not fun leveling up the same skills over and over again because of an arbitrary mechanic.
    I don't like to use this word but it's also not "realistic" to forget something you're very good at(Welp, maybe all Sims have Alzheimer's).
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  2. Juliana

    Juliana New Member

    It's hard to completely remove it. What would happen to the skill houses once everyone got max skill in every skill? It helps keep them in business. Also I was unaware that your skills decay OFFline. Can someone confirm?

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