AFK while studying.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zerg_x, Dec 29, 2017.

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    Is there away to not mark players as AFK when doing study sessions? I mean, it takes a long time to raise skill points, specially when you have more than 25. I don't want to just sit here and stare at my sim read a book for 4 hours so I don't get kicked and have to start back up.
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    There is not.

    Despite the impulse players have to do so, maxing many skills out straight away is not part of the game design. It would simply make no sense to *have* skills if everyone could max them all out and forget about them. (There would be no difference between that and skills not existing in the game t all).

    The game's designed with the expectation that you'll grab a few skills to be ok at (you don't need more than 5 mech and logic to totally ace the robot factory job, for example, and 5 cooking will make GREAT meals in an upscale kitchen) or you'll specialize in something and max that sucker out. You have 20 skill locks to start with to safeguard that choice. You can opt to work on more, of course, and over time you are given additional skill locks to make maintaining your expanded skill set a little easier but the more dedicated you are to increasing your skills, the more difficult it becomes. In this case "difficult" primarily means an unpleasant time sink (which, frankly, no one is thrilled with but at the moment we are working with what we've got) since skill decay kicks into high gear once you have too many skill points (yes, locked ones DO count toward this).

    You are not meant to sit and stare at yourself reading a book for 4 hours at a stretch. Skills are not actually meant to be the primary concern when playing, they were meant as a boost to your real playing/socializing. The TSO expectations do kinda buck the nature of the gamer a bit there, don't they? LOL When I was playing TSO (beta and early game. more Stuff To Do was added to the game after I stopped) I ran a little skill house. I ran opened it for a few hours in the mornings and encouraged people to come in and top up their cooking skill while they readied themselves for work and school. At the time skill lot owners took it rather personally if you popped in for a quick bit of study so my encouraging people to study for a half hour and then go on about their lives was a bit novel, but it was also came as a huge relief. That never should ahve been the case because skilling really should be a side activity to the game.

    Don't stress too much about the AFK timer. You get 20 minutes of skilling in before the timer bumps you out. If you miss it, so what? You are not suffering any skill decay while kicked out, so whenever you are ready to come push buttons on your computer, you can pop back in and pick up where you left off.

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