Allow players to visit a restaurant as a customer

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    Here how it works.

    Once a player takes a sit, (s)he must then choose a meal immediately. Each player, even those who share the same table, will have a message prompt pop up: from there, they must select a meal of choice from the menu and click either "Ok" or "Randomize" (for the sake to stop them abusing waiters and not camp in the diner, in there doing nothing). The will also be a time counter, so If they don't manage to choose their order in time, their order would then be chosed by simple randomization system (for anti-afk solution, so that they don't waste waiters times and hog up a table for other customers).

    After everyone from the table finishes their meal or stand up from the table, their simoleans will then automaticly get deducted from their funds to everyone per their respective chosen order cost. However, they can decide and select who and in what amount will one or few will pay for the bill before-so. If at least one person from the table group didn't or still haven't finished their meal, anyone from that table can do "Ask for a bill" interaction on one of the waiters(-ress) to let the server know that they want to get the food cost check ealier.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    P.S. To prevent for oversimplifying the work, I think waiters should be able to communicate only with coworkers and other waiters&waitresses. With an interaction or simple walking over normally a customer, the waiter should then be to talk and take order from a player-customer.
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    I think that sytem would function better on service lots. There players have more creativity over themed restaurants. And you get paid per visitor, because you have to give money for making meals. I suggested enabling ticket machine and chef NPCs in other thread.

    Restaurant job would also be way too easy if customers werent NPCs, as real people would be able to help the people working (both via chat and interactions), which is not the goal of the job.
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    Good idea. Instead of ticket machine, I think waiters and waitress should have an option to type/set in a cost on a special object, "paycheck", in which they provide to the customers and the customers have the interaction to give or everyone add up money to it from their pockets. If they don't pay up for the required cost of the meals, there hunger motive should then drop back to how it was before visiting that service lot.

    As for it being easy, I don't think so If the restaurant happens to be busy with crowdied people. You would have to pick orders and memorize about 17 of them per that number of customers.
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    Also, I did an ETA to the original post. I figured, since it would really make the job too easy for the workers, I thought the solution would be is to disable waiter-to-customer communication and only enable it through an interaction between the playable customer that is ordering and a waiter/ress that is taking it from that particular player.

    I also think there should be a chef job implamented in this area.

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