Balancing out the lot diversity and making game economy more fun

Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by Mixa97sr, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Just like RL, money and skills will always be vital, that should not change in this game. Now, adding additional benefits to the other categories are endless. Split the green time in half for ENT lots etc, there is so many possibilities. If using the games CAT, make prepping food free for the lot owner/roomies.. If using the Romance Cat, allow sims to make friends faster.. Idk, there are so many combos guys!
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    The game has its flaws because it's not trying to simulate a Sims game, and people themselves are flawed because they want everything at a convenience for themselves. Serenades have made beds useless. Hustles have made entertainment lots useless. Free food/beds have made service lots not as useful except for people wanting to do long runs of code/pizza. You could argue that players should sleep at home/service lot, go skill/work at a skill/work lot, then go at the end of the day to an entertainment or games lot for some fun and socializing before returning home for dinner and turning in for the night, but the game isn't tuned that way so everybody ends up eating/sleeping/socializing at the same skill/money lots.
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    This. The fact that you can't use reach 15-24 players in other lots than skill/money lot is kinda telling.
    Just like in RL, people don't sleep in workplaces nor skill lots. In RL, hotels (service) are fun - and well, they aren't in the game

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