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  1. Ara

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    Hi, My friend and I played in the original Sims Online together. We are both over 50 and we love the game. We ASSUMED the rules would be the same but I guess they aren't. She didn't know she couldn't run 2 sims off the same account and someone came in and both her sims were set on fire and now she can't log back in. Is her ban temporary? or permanent? She is heartbroken to think she may not be able to play because of a mistake and there wasn't even a warning before. Is there any way we can get her back in the game? Her character name is Angel Girlie. Can you help us? She's really sorry.
  2. kimberly cooper

    kimberly cooper New Member

    go to just know there is a rule you can have more than one instance running on same computer. she can tell them she was not aware of it and ask to be given a second chance
  3. bml_brittybitty

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    Did this ever get resolved?
  4. RHY3756547

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    If it was back in may, then I'd assume so.

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