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Discussion in 'Objects' started by Raeven, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Raeven

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    I threw this together for myself and thought someone else might also find it useful.
    Essentially it's a couple of cubes and planes in blender.
    One cube is coffeetable height. This is also seat height.
    The other is table height (which is also counter, desk, and end table)
    There is also a plane showing the full height of a wall (so you can keep from busing through ceilings)

    The .blend file is a copy of Rhys' template (which his example object removed and these objects added).

    I also included a(n optional) piff. This allows you to check it out in-game if you want. It patches a 1 tile rug (a gameshow arrow) so the object can intersects with other objects, giving you a more accurate comparison.

    For those who prefer to not download the whole template over again:
    Coffee table Height cube was scaled down to .5 on the Z
    Table height cube was scaled down to .8 on the Z
    The full wall height is plane is 5.8 blender units tall.


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  2. Raeven

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    A little extra note - using the patch in the game I was also able to get a good notion of how much a full size object clips through walls and that the do not bleed back through walls. Something to keep in mind when positioning larger objects (favor the far corner)
    heightGuides-ingame-zbuff1.jpg heightGuides-ingame-zbuff2.jpg
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    I will read this seems something for me.
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    simsfreak Active Member

    Very very useful. TY..Raeven
  5. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    My pleasure.
    A few more cubes probably should be done. Like one for BBQ grills which are a little bit lower higher than counters. But then perhaps I am the only one obsessed with cookers LOL.
    I didn't double check to see if seat height and bed height are the same so might need one for beds. Stuff like that.
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    I appreciate all you do. It will help us greatly once FREESO goes live and we are able to create our own stuff and put them in the catalog
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