Brainstorming - ways to implement a non-bypassable afk timeout

Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by Chompers, Mar 29, 2017.

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    I'm not sure what Rhys has in mind for this, but I keep hearing goombas in discord state the reason an afk timeout wouldn't work is that people can stick stuff on their keyboard... which sounds completely idiotic to me. There have to be a million ways to prevent that.

    This idea I'll admit hasn't been thought through to completion I'm just trying to think of different ways to implement it, as I think the 4:1 ratio of ppl skilling idly or afking in game basically not playing puts us in a position where it's really needed so we can see more active play and less wasteland of afk lots and dead-quiet non-gaming.

    I feel like if you were to base the system on motive decay hitting certain thresholds it would unavoidable. The balance we seem to want to hit with an afk timeout is giving people the ability to afk through a full green so they can skill, otherwise people will lose their minds. I feel like the timeout would benefit from being around the duration of a full green - about an hour - and beyond that get a boot. Seeing as we can't base it on something simplistic like keystroke activity - if we were to tie the timeout to being at 0 motive score for x motive (say hygeine) for 15 min you get a boot to the select screen. This way a sim could afk for the duration of a green - enough to get bit less than an hour of skilling in and at some point they will piss themselves. Once this happens their hygiene will hit 0 and stay there until they actively set the sim to wash. So if we set this to 15 min of 0 hygiene boot it should be unavoidable no matter how many paperweights they put on their stupid keyboard or click emulation they have running. There is probably a flaw in here somewhere I'm not seeing but I'd like to encourage ppl to toss in ideas - as I'd love to see afk timeouts start being tested in game.
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    Yeah I think it would be best to try do something with this.
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    Great Idea Chompers...If they could implement it that would be Great!

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