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    Duke and I were chatting as I built house using the prototype FreeSO server as the host, instead of the client. He added the grill and stone paneling to the backyard as well the little area with the chairs. Aside from some obvious lag and shift failing to register at one point, it was pretty stable. Purple briefly popped in and then poofed without a word; reminds me of the dial-up days when connecting to a lot would sometimes stall and you'd have to try again.

    Just realized I forgot to take a photo of the server running in the background. Oh well, next time.

    Note to users
    As of this writing, the server is a prototype and proof of concept. It isn't user friendly yet. I had to change few things in the code and rebuild it in order to get this to work. I'm only doing this cause I do have some clue on what's going on in the code even if I am newb. xD
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    Who the heck are Duke and Purple? Also, I'm planning on providing a pre-compiled binary some time in the near future for Charvatia unless you have plans :).
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    DukeLukum and Purplerecluse xD
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    That makes sense...
  5. purplerecluse

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    i'm purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah........... i tried to connect to it...but it was being funky so I just went back to bed :) xx
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