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Discussion in 'Daily Life' started by zc456, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. zc456

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    So, everyone probably knows America got hit by a nasty blizzard. Some may already be in it and we're one of them. The first day wasn't bad and kinda, like, winter wonderland. The second day is when we were plunged into a power outage. We had to sleep over at our neighbors place since they had a generator - something we're gonna invest next time!

    After the power came on the next day, we found out our router got fried. During the afternoon the light started to flicker again and decided it'd be best stay the night at a friend's just to be safe. Now that we're back home, the router is still dead and I'm tethered to the modem directly until we see about getting a new router by Tuesday from our ISP - if they can. If not then gotta wait until Friday, pay day.

    Fun times!
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  2. Shippya

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    oh wow I hope you can get a new router soon you have my full support
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  3. zc456

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    Thanks. We got our new router back upon Friday and settled back down yesterday.
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    In Germany here we have a storm in 100km/h
  5. Ianbow

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    Hello from Georgia!
    We have nothing.

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