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    Not sure what are the boundries/limations to what can be implanted, includes the ideas listed below, but here they are:
    • Join Chatroom: allows the player to communicate/socialize through another lot, by the player's selected lot, in which, for example staying at own home can allow you socialize with people that are at your (specified... lot...) friends house. (However, your friend's lot has to have a computer too, and the friend must "accept" the prompt box to allow the chat be publically displayes&open to you).
    • Write A Novel: with this, you can write a book and (potentially) open a library of all your created virtual books that anyone can use and literally read from those your creations (text is displayed on a GUI, like how you would be reading a sign). Also, this opens up a possibility to make a business out of this activity/interaction, by creating offers to sell your bunch own made books (transfering money ; change to store category lot as a bookstore) for those who like the book and have an interest in reading them further.
    • Search Roomates and Create Roomate Ad. With the first interaction, you can search up for wanted-roomates that made an ad, ask them join and even accept/reject those who directly sent you the request to apply for your lot from the ad. With the latter option, you can send an application to be a roomate and (optional, but not required) specify for lot your interesting in becoming as a roomate for. Both parties can write a description of: what they expect/want from ; describe themselves as - a roomate.
    • "Simegle" - connects to youa random player and opens a chatbox for him/her/it.
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    I think that only usable ones are Novels and "Simegle". I love the idea of novels in terms of short stories... we can already do them with signs (but that is too many objects) and now with the card deck (dividing in chapters :D). It would be nice to see it added to PCs.

    And "Simegle" would be a nice way to meet new players on the other lots while gaining fun and social from the PC. Active need fulfillment.
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    Well, I agree also with joining the chatroom, for example: your friends are making charisma and you are, let's say, building your house. For now, you have to open PMs to communicate with each friend and you have to send each message multiple times. With that function, you can just write with them all.
    I was going to start a topic about that, my vision was that the bars go red and you want to play pizza, but if nobody wants to play for 15 minutes, you must green, so you can chat in a city view (if you are a roommate or in admit list OR if this feature is enabled in property, I don't know which one is better.)
    As an alternative, I'd introduce group chats, I imagine this in a form similar to the IRC channel - user list on the right, OP can enable or disable inviting other people, kick others, that stuff.
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    Unrelative with interactions, but it wouldn't be cool If laptops could be put in a inventory and place on any other lot? Laptops would have a purpose though, I think.

    There could also be an transaction type of deal. Send someone digital (<<< sounds meta) money in a computer and wait till they receive it via using the computer to "Obtain $#".
    And maybe incorperate social interaction on the computerr, or just "Chat" (friendly) and "Hate" (mean) in their to increase featured relationship from long distances?

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