Controlling pets like in old game

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by francot514, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. francot514

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    Lke you know, i have worked in my own repository, where you can have multiple sims control, there is only offline mode, but you can also control pets, right now im trying to allow all pets interactions.. See this image, some self actions like poop somewhere, sniff, fight, or interactions with others like play or chase..

    BTW. better pie menu icons are requiered...
  2. RHY3756547

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    You can't control pets in TSO or TS1. You just made it ignore all check trees, no sim or pet is meant to be able to run all of these interactions.
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  3. zero35

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    this all pet interactions trees in TSO?
  4. jkjoebo

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    please read posts man
    pet, play with ,scold, call over is sim interactions to dog
    dog reads newspaper to get job
    i can see a mod for it to happen in future but not now
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