Crafted Objects Should Give Best Greening

Discussion in 'Objects' started by Becs, Nov 5, 2017.

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    I got my sim up to 20 mechanical and 20 body and I thought "YES finally I can make the flat screen TV!" So I spent the $40,000 to make it, only to find that watching the TV takes forever to give your sim full Fun motive, longer than the laptops even. I feel like I sort of wasted my time and money, even though it could potentially be a very cool and popular object. As it stands, the crafted computers are the most popular crafted item, but even they only give you a max of 9 Fun. The beds say they give 10 Energy but it takes much longer to get max than it does on the Moroccan beds, and the waking up animation is much longer too.

    I think there should be a bigger pay off for the crafted objects. It would be great if they all had 10 for their motive and that the motive would increase the fastest or at least on par with non-crafted objects (ie Moroccan bed). Specifically I am thinking of the bed, TV, computer, recliner, foot massager, and decorative objects.

    In addition to the above benefits, I believe the Service (Crafting) lots would be able to see a boost in visitors and support. Thanks for reading!
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  2. Raeven

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    First, congrats on crafting the TV!!
    I was also disappointed that the fun raise was so slow. Half the rate of the crafted computer despite the buymode catalog's claims. But I also realized that the TV has one MAJOR advantage over the computer. and A few situational ones.
    One TV raises fun for multiple sims. There is no waiting for a free computer or (in the case of skill houses) having to fuss around with furniture placement to prevent someone from reading a skill book in the chair that you intended for a computer. A group fun object is a big deal as anyone who's toed the ole object limit will attest to. And this one accommodates a LOT of sims. At least half of a lot's worth. That it can be used while sitting or standing is pretty amazing as well. And the crafted one doesn't even gobble up floor-space.

    I THINK (but have not been able to test it out properly) that the TV might raise fun faster based on the number of people using it. I was never able to assemble people to try it out properly; Or, to be more accurate, I'd lost my ability to Teach which would have been ideal for taking a crowd full of people's Fun for testing purposes so there was little point in asking for people to come test it with me until I had a way to make it run more smoothly.

    And, in the end, the fact that I could not mute that damn thing means it now lives in my inventory anyway.

    I realize the TV was just an example object for your post's point.
    Some might be a little surprised by this at first, but I partially disagree with the post point. You are definitely right that crafted objects should be awesome, but I like (love, actually) that this has not been defined simply by motive increases. They bring a uniqueness that has some intrinsic value that we should not undervalue. Greening quickly stopped being a bonus at some point and that is a real shame. It REALLY should not always be more important than everything else (outside of lots that are created expressly for greening.) The TV should be compared to other TVs and it IS better than them (I mean once fun increased is fixed on them it'll be better or comparable to the good TV.)

    All of that said, omigod yeah, the waking up animations for that crafted bed is definitely wrong and needs fixing. (For those who've not seen it, the animation used is one TS1 uses for being woken up while still at low energy] The sim can barely drag his poor weary self out of bed and, in TS1, A cranky temper tantrum follows)
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    this is a really good idea, just have to wait and see. :)
    ideally the crafted TV would give "4" fun speed, because the computer gives "3" fun speed and the laptop 2. also i think all the greening objects should reach the greening cap just at slower speeds for the cheaper objects. this would balance them and allow more variety in the game than just moroccan beds everywhere. with a few expections like the space themed bed, could be a duplicate of the moroccan bed at a higher price. who wants 9 comfort/energy? just give the high tier objects max comfort/energy/hygiene or whatever and price them all the same. the system they EA set up with the objects is so bad for greening, it leaves everyone with few choices. they could also overprice a lot of objects, like super expensive, and give them very fast greening speed. that would balace out the max-capped slower objects a lot better than what we have now.

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