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  1. Deausoit

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    A place where you can find at least one remesh.
  2. Deausoit

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    Imperious Island End Table
    (updated 27 Feb 2019)
    Tris before: 705
    Tris after: 420
    Texture: 256x256

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  3. Deausoit

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    Bird of Paradise (unfinished)
    (I remeshed two states of this plant a long time ago but I don't know when I'll remesh the dead state)
    Tris before: 1310
    Tris after: 805
    Texture: 512x512
    Tris before: 1492
    Tris after: 875
    Texture: 512x512
    Tris before: 1345
    Tris after: not yet
    Texture: not yet

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  4. Raeven

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    Ooo, thanks for posting what you have so far. It looks great!
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  5. BrandonSJ96

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    Anytime you can start working on the dead state of the plant don't hesitate to do it.
  6. Colinisok

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    Those look great!

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