Depreciation broken?

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    Is it me, or I'm the only one finds deprecation. Why does deprecation occur when an object wasn't used at all?

    For example, you purchase tv over 500§ right? Nobody uses it, and you sell it right away. How much you get refunded 470$.

    Potential Solutions:
    • Regular/usable objects shouldn't depreciate If they haven't been used yet by anyone or by anything.
    • Architectual objects shouldn't depreciate If they haven't been taken as an advantage by the builder for their intented use (e.g. place a tile above and construct a wall) and when the live mode haven't been switched yet after the purchase.
    • Deco objects should depreciate once it affects someone ROOM score.
    I think this solutions would remedy the depreciation to make it not, or at the very least less, broken/bug/glitched/ect. I just find the current criteria it goes (when it depreciates right after its purchase with no other criteria/factors involved). IMO other sims series games have better depreciation than this one. I don't know how pausible, or if its doable to implant the listed solution in the game, but If it is - why not fix it?

    EDIT: I do agree that objects should depreciate within a few minutes even If they hadn't been used. I'm just saying it shouldn't depreciate immediately (within 1 second).
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    Objects age with dust collecting at a grotesque rate. That's all I could say.....

    I do agree with the fact of items/objects depreciating quickly but you need to think about if you are going to stop people exploiting money by buying or selling objects you wouldn't want the user who bought it to sell it for more than it was worth at the time, 5 seconds ago for e.g.
    At least a simoleon decrease for initial purchase and the object/item should only decrease if left for a day or so or when used (like with what you were saying)
    If users just resort to getting all the money back that they spent on previous objects it wouldn't give a buy and reward system as much (non-circulation and static money).

    I don't know how useful my thoughts and conspiracy's are since I didn't think about what I just wrote that much so there are probably loop holes :eek:
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    Yeah, objects get dusty, but I don't believe dust will arrive and a spider will start creating webs around it within a second or two.

    Not sure what you mean by that. It seems like your disagreeing to the idea of Appreciation, or it's just me not grasping what you wrote. Sorry :/

    Yes I do think the value should decrease after some time has passed, even if the object hasn't been used, so you don't abuse the system and lock all those purchase objects in a shed for 7 days "aesthetics" and sell them with the exact price you purchase those in the past. However, I do not agree with the idea that with a few and little second pass count should depreciate it immediately (unless somebody used it / affected someone's room score). It just doesn't make sense.
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