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Discussion in 'Objects' started by Raeven, Jul 20, 2016.

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    This is a patch that allows the DJ Booth to be turned on and off properly. This work around should not be needed in the future. In fact, it will probably need to be removed once it is not needed. (CORRECTION: From what Rhys has since explained, this wont actually break anything once it becomes redundant) I uploaded it primarily because I referred to the problem in another thread.

    In-Game: Despite routing over and going through the motions, Sims are not able to turn the DJ Booth on and off using those interactions. They can turn the Booth on by DJing, but once on it cannot be turned off again

    Behind the Scenes: The "Turn On Specific" BHAV tree's "A2O-tv1-surf" and "A2O-tv-sit-surf" animations have 2 events. Both run "If it's off turn it on, if it's not off turn it off" code so the double loop returns the booth to it's original state.

    The Solution: I added instructions for one of the events (Local Variable 4 == 101) to simply loop straight back to the respective animations. In TVs this event is used to trigger a sound that isn't needed in the DJ Booth.

    This patch solves the on/off problem only.
    Go To Next Song remains broken
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  3. where does this get downloaded to? the tso client folder?
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    TSO Client > Content > Patches > Users
    BUT, remember, the patches (and whole objects) only work if the client (you) and the server (that you log into,, for instance) both have it installed.
    Rhys said the patches that stop sounds from looping should will probably work fine if only you, the client have it but those are the exception to the rule.

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