Do all of the money making objects make the same amount of money?

Discussion in 'Objects' started by Kyanna, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Kyanna

    Kyanna New Member

    If someone is leveling up Logic and they want to use a Logic based money making object, would a Chalk Board make them the same amount of money as a Concoctanation Station, and Tomb Hunters of the Lost Llama?
  2. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    The intention is all "solo money objects" (objects that only one person can use at a time) give the same amount of money in the long run. The tasks last for different amount of times and so the payouts are different. I don't think they (EA/Maxis) managed to balance it out perfectly, though. It generally believed that chalkboards give the most money (if you are paying attention and click to sell as soon as you are able)

    Group money objects (pizza, core business unit, tomb hunters of the lost llama, and the roadie band object) are all meant to give more money than solo objects since they require teamwork. The Maze (Tomb hunters of the lost lllama) object is not currently working, though. Code (Core Business Unit) is but people don't seem to play it very often. It is generally felt that the payout on it is "meh".
  3. Chompers

    Chompers Member

    They don't pay any where near the same. All the solo objects pay different amounts of money and take different amounts of time to complete, so their hourly yields are all very different.

    Also, by design, all the group money objects pay out higher than the solo objects, because you are being rewarded for coordination with a group as well as the effort of playing an active game vs basically afking at a solo object.
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  4. ron1

    ron1 Member

    well im glad you asked i did a lot of testing during prebeta

    with the new update it takes 16 sims working to get max payout, it used to be 12 i believe. dont quote me on this.


  5. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    It was 12, yes and is 16 now. Additionally the max payout was decreased from 350% to 250%.

    Chompers created an updated chart and has it posted in another thread here.
  6. Chompers

    Chompers Member

    Here's some data that isn't completely useless, measured at a nonsense level, inaccurate and incomplete.
  7. Kyanna

    Kyanna New Member

    Thank for you for this helpful data.

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