Does Anyone Have A Simple Intro to OpenToonz?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by arthur brogard, Dec 30, 2017.

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    The youtube tutorials drive you mad sitting through them and either fall short of what you want or have bits in them you don't get and can't find the answer to.... like 'how did he do that?'

    The documentation is incredibly detailed about things like where the files are on the hard drive and all kinds of other stuff you don't care about as a newbie.

    I can make an animation after looking at all that stuff. I can draw something and then further down the column make another drawing and then further down the column make another - and the press 'P' and it plays! Boom.

    But what are all the other columns for?
    Every new drawing makes a new 'level', like a Layer in ordinary drawing I guess. How to make a 'level' persist so's it is always there as a background?
    How to keep a drawing on the screen while I trace around it so's the next drawing is just a little different to the first?
    Or a fair bit different from the first so's the prog can do the 'tweening' frames between the two for me.
    And how to get it to do that, if I could get a second drawing places just where I want it?

    I drag a drawing down the column and something happens - the cells change colour - but on play nothing seems to happen and then it goes back to how it was. What's the point of dragging down? I thought it made that drawing persist through all those frames, 'drew it' on those frames.... but no?

    And so on....
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