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  1. LetsRaceBwoi

    LetsRaceBwoi Well-Known Member

    So, in October last year one of my favourite Minecraft servers that the owner - Kongolan - shut down due to financial issues. It had been running for about 3 years (late beta, 1.7-ish) and I'd been a part of the community since then. When it shut down, a lot of people were angry especially since the forums went with it. Fortunately, we had a Skype group open to the "core" members (i.e. the ones who were long-term users) and we'd all decided on a plan to get it up and running again, no matter what costs it would incur. I promised that I'd be the one hosting the server which meant two things:
    1. Lots of money spent on running the server (8GB server, £10 a month therefore £120 a year!)
    2. Lots of time spent on setting up the server (I've been doing it since November-ish)
    I've already nearly done some elements of the server - including the basic Bukkit configuration, including plugins & permissions and the website - and it's all falling into place. Once I've done, I'll announce the IP here, but it'll be .tk to start off with until we get some basic donations to keep the server running long-term. I'm also working on some custom plugins (I've been coding plugins for quite a while now, believe it or not) such as a Dragon Egg plugin (which was coded by Kongolan, but was deleted when the server shut down, so I'm re-coding it) and a custom villager trading plugin.
    This image will describe my entire time at EmeraldBattleCraft.
    And the community?
    The community was great.
    UPDATE: Server is kind-of up and running.
    Hopefully this explains my signature ^_^ I have multiple videos and images on my computer that I plan on uploading to the cloud for backup reasons.
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  2. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    120 a year?!?! Wow, big money guys. Better start trading those 50p cs:go hats. :p
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  3. LetsRaceBwoi

    LetsRaceBwoi Well-Known Member

    You know expensive that is if you're not making any profits, right?
    And CS:GO hats don't exist. You're thinking of TF2.
  4. LetsRaceBwoi

    LetsRaceBwoi Well-Known Member

    Teehee, already backed up nearly 1.5GB's worth of stuff. Maybe I should tone down the backup rate from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
    Also, we're about to open the server fully to the public. Stay tuned.
  5. zc456

    zc456 Well-Known Member

    *Call Gaben* Okay. Here me out on this, Gabe. CS:GO hats everywhere!
  6. LetsRaceBwoi

    LetsRaceBwoi Well-Known Member

    no pls
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