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    Hello folks,

    I want to thank you all for participating in the tasks I put up! It really means a lot, and your feedback has been great. All the feedback will be referenced in my 4th year project report, which I'm hoping will get all the marks. All of them. I already have some things to talk about in it!


    The second task, which is "Modifying Existing Object Sprites" is now available, and is arguably the easiest and most fun out of all the tasks. If you're interested in object recolouring or general spriting, please try it out!
    Click here to go to Evaluation Task 2
    Main Thread for the Evaluation

    Task 5 and the Survey
    The survey will go live, at the latest, on 12/03/16. This will give you 3 days to complete it!
    If Task 5 is not available by then, it will be waived and the requirement for the Gold variant of the event object will be lowered to 4 Tasks.

    If Task 5 becomes available, then completing it will automatically complete Task 4, as that is a little harder than expected. Stay tuned!

    The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and will ask a few general questions about certain tasks (such as those in the evaluation, eg. how much did coloured primitive grouping benefit you), how much documentation you think is required for specific areas (none-lots), and some free form feedback. It is mandatory to complete for the reward, but you only need to have completed one task to participate!

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