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    Hello folks,

    As I have mentioned in the past (specifically the evaluation briefing), Volcanic was developed as my 4th Year CS Project. As part of this project, we need to write a <=50 page dissertation on the goals, decisions made, work put in, and any evaluation that is performed. I've been given the all clear by my supervisor to release this, and you guys definitely deserve to see what you contributed to, so I'm posting all 50 pages of it here for all to see (mistakes and all! hopefully there are few).

    Here is a link to the full text:

    Note that I have also included the full survey results as part of the appendices, but removed some of the personally identifying information submitted with the questions. Not that it really matters, since I personally identified a few people in the acknowledgements... but whatever!

    Thank you all for participating! Your contributions made the whole project as impressive as it is.
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    I much older and usually do not venture into all parts of the website until today, and found this jewel dissertation.

    I commend you in your future en-devours only the best.:cool:

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