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Discussion in 'Support' started by mafisa, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. mafisa

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    Hello everyone. I'm really looking Forward for playing this, but I can't manage even to create my Sim. Everytime I try opening the game, I receive this error message after performing the Login. If I Change the settings to OpenGL, I receive no message at all and nevertheless the game still crashes. I would appreciate some input into this.

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  2. RHY3756547

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    I'm not sure why this happens to some people, since it has never happened here. It's an issue with audio, that's all I really know.
  3. mafisa

    mafisa New Member

    Thanks for the Reply. I've figured out that on SOftware mode the game runs without error message, but unfortunately at a too low framerate too make it playable, even inside lots. Is there a way to deactivate sounds at the launch and see if it solves the Problem?
  4. mrpenguinb

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    Windows 10 does not contain the right .dll's to have XAudio2 (at least I think so, same for Windows 7). Microsoft took out the optional components like DirectPlay etc for some reason. Some installers for games contain the DirectX 9.0c Optional Components Installer (along with other redistributes that might be needed) because some of the components are no longer in Windows 7 or 10 for old applications that can use DirectX 9.0 and specific .dll's.

    That does not mean that the error depicted above is just to do with DirectX's libraries, it can either be that no sound device is present or is configured incorrectly and might not be out putting anything properly.
    DirectX 9.0c Optional Components/Web Installer
    Date Published: 18/04/2011

    Older version of the installer, try and install this if you still have issues
    Date Published: 17/10/2007
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  5. mafisa

    mafisa New Member

    THis worked perfectly for me. I can finally play normally using directx. Thank you very much!
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