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    Q: My client crashes! What to do?
    A: The client, stupidly, uses LINQ. Make sure you have the .NET Framework 3.5 installed on your system, as well as XNA 3.1 Redist. Also, remember, you shouldn't have to start the client manually, as the patcher will do it for you.

    Q: I'm stuck at 25% when logging in! What does this mean?
    A: It means the login server is down.

    Q: My client crashes in lot mode! Why?
    A: We're not sure yet, the code is still very unstable.

    Q: My client crashes after I started it manually!
    A: Make sure you run as Administrator. Make sure you have the .NET Framework 3.5 installed on your system, as well as XNA 3.1 Redist.

    Q: Patcher freezes/stops while downloading!
    A: The next file is missing from the update server. Contact Afr0!

    Q: Linux... Mac?
    A: No. Use Wine for now.

    Q: Why not create a server emulator?
    There is a server a server emulator but it's managed by a different developer, Fatbag. This is the second attempt after TSOEmu. An server emulator for TSO is harder to create, at present, because, well, it's kinda like the chicken or the egg. How do you create a new server for EA's TSO when the server are dead? If the servers were up, we could gather all the network information we needed to create our own. This is why Project Dollhouse, and it's predecessor, TSOR were created.
    Reverse engineering client and creating a new server gives the edge of controlling the final product. Because it's open source, it also means adding much requested features, like some that were only found in EA-Land, such as custom content and better real estate management. TSO-SE or any other server emulator for TSO will only go so far and eventually the TSO client will begin it's age as Windows continues to advance with the times but TSO-SE's value mostly lies as a research project and help furthers PD's development, in the long run.

    Q: Is this legal?
    Reverse engineering is a gray area, to say the least; however, as long as we don't distribute Project Dollhouse under the The Sims or SimCity trademarks or claim any affiliation or association with Electronic Arts Inc. or its employees, it's perfectly legal. This is the same terms as Micropolis. Below is the Micropolis license..
    Since it's open source like Project Dollhouse, it would be wise to follow this motto. In fact, most projects like this do, anyway, regardless of the publishers. I think it falls under fair use.
    Q: Can I contribute to PD?
    A: Yes. Project Dollhouse is always looking for developers to help out. The code is open source, so anyone can look at the code, use the code, change the code, etc, all without asking the developers. Just fork, pull, and push your changes to Afr0's repository. If you have no coding expereince, you can also translate, make suggestions, or provide your own research. That's the beauty.
    Q: When will PD be finished?
    A: We have no idea. The versions of PD out, at present, are just there for testing. There is no gameplay, chatting, or playable Sims - yet. Database wipes will be common.
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    *facepalms* How come search didn't bring this up the first time!? I typed in "FAQ" exactly. Ugh...
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    how do i get tso to work ?
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