Fatbag is a wizard

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RHY3756547, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Correction: No, he didn't. I chatted with him, and he pushed cTSOClientLoginRegulator::HandleLoadAvatarResponse onto the messagequeue. That's why he didn't post an official announcement on niotso.org yet, but he's working on figuring out the sequence of packets.
    Judging by the message, obviously the packet sent by the server has something to do with avatars. I'm guessing it's TransmitCreateAvatarNotificationPDU.
    More interestingly, the genious (I think we can all agree on that one, by now) managed to make a patch to have the client generate a packetlog, which means that a lot of the packets (not all of them) are now documented here.
    There are still a lot of unknown fields though (unknown as in their purpose hasn't been discovered), which is probably one of the reasons he's yet to figure out the right sequence of packet(s).

    I should add that normally, I'd be halfway into a server emulator at this point, but due to the technical uncertainty of such a project, I'm still waiting this one out to see what Fatbag can come up with. From what I understand, he still intends to continue with NIOTSO, but he's a perfectionist (too much of one, if you ask me), and won't give up until he's in the lot screen so that he can create a "pixel perfect" rendition of all screens...
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    Fatbag is a wizard WITH a supercomputer.

    Wow... Finally. Looks glitchy (notice the proxy sim, time, etc.) but awesome still! And look at all the stuff he has open... Wow that's a supercomputer.
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    Ok, so what reprecussions does just sending cTSOClientLoginRegulator::HandleLoadAvatarResponse have?
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    Exactly the repercussions represented by the image you posted! ;)
    cTSOClientLoginRegulator::HandleLoadAvatarResponse is an internal message/event, not a packet. He pushed it onto the client's messagequeue.

    To be frank, I have no idea whether this could have happened from the SAS, or even the login screen, or if he was required to get into CAS first. Either way, this should give him a good chance of figuring out which packet(s) need to be sent.
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    Oh, wow.
    So he's found the routine that brings the game into the map view, just not the sequence of packets used that naturally invokes the routine?

    There don't appear to be any repercussions visible on the image except for the missing avatar and $0 which are expected. Maybe the missing tooltip for hovering over a lot as well.
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