Favorite Sims Game?

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Favorite Sims Game?

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  1. Sims 1

  2. Sims 2

  3. Sims 3

  4. Sims 4

  1. Hayden99

    Hayden99 Member

  2. Nahuel3d

    Nahuel3d Active Member

    I tought this would be interesting:
    What's your favorite sims game? Why?
    If it is The Sims 1, i'd like to ask you some more things:
    What makes it so special? Your sims doesn't age, there's no story progression, You can't go anywhere on the base game and no matter how much time you play, you'll still have the same Sims, unless any of them died of some accident.
    Personally, i prefer TS3 and TS4.
    TS3 has got an open world, inactive sims age, get children, get married, die, move out, etc., there's more drama amd interesting sims and opportunities, you are forced to leave your house to buy foos, etc., it is a really fun game
    Then there's The Sims 4, i love the new emotions system, creation, i love the new gameplay mechanics and all, but without the open world and story progression, it doesn't feel so dynamic, there's a lot less drama and inactive sims just age and die.
    I'm having fun with TS4.
    And i really miss TS3...
    So, what's your favorite Sims game and why?
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  3. AquilaSim

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  4. Nahuel3d

    Nahuel3d Active Member

    I know, but that thread is closed and here im not just asking for what sims people prefer, but also why.
    Oh, i see it is really recent..... I guess admins can close this thread if they think it's useless :p
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    Or then I can reopen this thread and merged with the yours if you want, that seem more preferable.
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  6. Nahuel3d

    Nahuel3d Active Member

    Sure, thanks a lot :D
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  8. Tirea

    Tirea Active Member

    I hope I can answer some of your question regarding TS1 but before I do let me just say that even though TS1 is my favorite Sims game, I loved every single Sims game that followed after the original! TS2 was great, there was much more you could do, the graphics were in 3D, you could build your own city's, fantastic and as you already said the open World in TS3 was just so much better than getting those stupid loading screen just because you moved from one lot to another... The whole world aged, not just the Sims you actively played, TS3 was amazing! Now the TS4... Oh boy that's more of a "it's complicated" kind of relationship I have with it. There are some good things, like the emotions and the new CAS, but no open world, neighborhoods that are tiny compared to all other Sims games (remember the TS1 neighborhood before Unleashed? That tiny thing got another Life in TS4 it seems...) and the unfinished state that game was released in... Sigh!
    Don't get me wrong, when I have a bit of free time I do play TS4 and yes I have fun with it, it's just not what I hoped it would be at all and EAxis made some really stupid decisions with it.

    Anyway... To finally address your questions...
    I love TS1 mainly because it's a game I grew up with. I first played TS1 at the age of 6 and boy was it fun! But nostalgic reasons aside there are some key reasons, I think, that make TS1 so special. First and foremost It didn't need things like story progression, an open world or an emotion system to be a great game. It's easy for people that grew up with or started the Sims games with TS2 or even TS, to judge TS1 for the lack of features.
    Yes, TS1 didn't have a lot of the things "modern" Sims games have at their core or that EAxis is advertising, but It didn't need them!
    Don't get me wrong here, it wouldn't be a bad thing if TS1 had an open world! Heck that would be pretty amazing actually!
    But the thing is that TS1, in my mind, was perfect. Just like you stated in another thread that you think TS3 is perfect, we or I think that TS1 is perfect.
    By the time of it's release TS1 was something no one has ever seen before, TS1 introduced a whole new genre to the market, Life Simulation. There was nothing like the Sims before TS1 and that made it not only interesting but unique.

    Okay, so it's obvious TS1 hasn't got a lot of the features TS2, TS3 and TS4 have and as I said, it didn't really need those but there is another why I think a lot of people come back to play TS1 after so many years, that is linked to this 'lack of features'.
    Let me tell you a little story about the Goth family in my TS1 version... (I put the story in brackets just in case anyone wants to skip that part!)

    So one day Mortimer met another woman and suddenly fall in love with her (it's not like I made him... He just did that on his own... of course!), so he left Bella and Cassandra and decided that he wanted to start a new Life with a new woman. Everything was fine at first but the relationship between the two didn't go so well, manly because the woman was a psychopath and killed other Sims for fun... we all know what that is like right?... anyway he decided he can't accept her... well... lifestyle I guess(?!) and left her. Now Bella was so hurt after Mortimer left her that she decided she needed to live somewhere quiet and peaceful, so she bought a house in Magictown and shortly after met a great man at a disco downtown and got happily married again. Mortimer decided to live alone and to focus on his career so he bought a nice house, worked his butt of, became a mad scientist, made a fortune and lives in a big mansions with his butler, two maids, his birds and his own mini golf course. But every other day, he invites his daughter Cassandra to visit him and they play together.

    So... Why the hell am I telling you a story about my Sims' life?
    Because I remember this story. TS1 didn't have the features that showed you the memories of your Sims or that showed you the family tree. If you wanted stories for your Sims you had to use your own imagination and create them yourself! Yes, you could take a snapshot of certain events from your Sims' life and write a story underneath that snapshot, but I never did it that way, which means the only thing that remembered those stories was my mind. Sometimes when I hear something about a break up, be it on the news, in a magazine, or from a friend, I remember certain stories of my Sims and along with nostalgia kicking in, I suddenly feel the need to install TS1 again and just play! After more than 12 years now I still come back to the game and thing about "Maybe Mortimer and Bella should get back together?!" "Maybe now that Mortimer has achieved success and made a fortune, he feels lonely?" "Maybe a wife isn't for him, but a loving and caring husband?"
    Those memories along with those question about how they may go on or end like is what keeps me coming back to TS1 and something that I very much miss about TS2 (or TS3 or TS4). Yes you always need to create such stories in a Sims game yourself (The Sims Life-, Pet- and Castaways Stories aside), you don't have to remember those things since TS2 anymore, you can basically see them in the game, be it on the memories panel, the family tree, or since TS3 even on the relationships themselves. The new games remember your stories, so you don't have to. Which isn't a bad thing, not at all! But I just don't get the same connection with the new Sims games because of those little things like that.

    Now to recap and (finally) end this post:
    There are a lot of reasons why TS1 is someone's favorite Sims game, something that is true for every other The Sims title that followed!
    I personally like TS1 the most because of nostalgia, the game being perfect in my mind even with the lack of feature from modern Sims games.
    And the stories I made and remembered, the memories I have from and about the game itself, keep me playing it 15 years after it's release.

    There are a lot of other good reasons, and would love to hear some of them from other, but those are mainly my reason or why I think Sims 1 still has so much fans and players despite TS2, 3 and 4 being out already.

    One last thing... I'm extremely sorry of the long post and I hope Rhys and the moderators aren't to angry about it! (Sorry!) :oops::D
  9. Nahuel3d

    Nahuel3d Active Member

    Thanks! Now i think i understand why people loves it so much, because it let your creativity make your sims with your own stories, without relying on memories, family trees, etc.
    I grew up with TS2, but never got into writing my own stories, i just looked for them on the internet.
    In game i just made random families and played with them, without any story.
    TS3 was fascinating because it had interesting sims and the story progression was so cool, it made some interesting stories and that's what i love about it, i don't really find very fun writimg my own stories, but letting them happen. TS4 didn't have those things, but it's fun with the emotions and all, also, it kinda makes me remember TS2
    Do you think TS5 or any future The Sims game will be able to beat TS1? How?
    EDIT: Oh, and i don't exactly say that TS3 is perfect, it has it's flaws and things that are better in other Sims games, but it's a great game in my opinion
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  10. AquilaSim

    AquilaSim Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    No problem about it lol, I love the constructives posts/comments like you have just done here.
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  11. zero35

    zero35 Active Member

    if i say The Sims Bustin' Out and The URBZ (Console versions)
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  12. Nahuel3d

    Nahuel3d Active Member

    Omg i remember now! The Sims Bustin Out was the first Sims game i played on my dad's N-Gage some years ago, i love it and i still play it on my smartphone <3
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  13. Driesje44

    Driesje44 Active Member

    Sims 2 <3 But I like all of them tho, Sims 1 is just hilarious, Sims 3 is super cool with the open world and shizzle (I made an Harry Potter world with CAW, just to say that you can do everything with it) but it was friggin unstable. The Sims 4 is so fluent and the graphics are awesome! (I recommend Get Together btw, I really like it!)

    Btw, I was wondering about this: on my (Dutch) box from The Sims 2 there was a text 'Laat je Sims een lang leven leiden of laat ze hun leven lang lijden' (let your Sims live a long life or let them suffer their whole life) but it was funny because 'leiden' was like 'to lead/ have A long life' and lijden was 'to suffer' but both words (lijden and leiden)

    are pronounced the same way :p Was there a pun line this on the english box?

    (Quick Dutch lesoon for u guyz)
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  14. LetsRaceBwoi

    LetsRaceBwoi Well-Known Member

    On both my Deluxe & Double Deluxe boxes for TS2, it says "A long successful life or a rain of misfortune?", so what you're seeing there is probably a Dutch pun or something.
  15. FreeTime

    FreeTime New Member

    The Sims Hot Date was my first Sims. xD
    And still I play the 1-st part and sometimes the 3rd .
    P.S. Not surprisingly, that the 1st part won!
  16. Nahuel3d

    Nahuel3d Active Member

    I need to say, i think TS4 is not a disappointment to me anymore(maybe it can even become my favorite Sims game in the future) its a lot more stable than TS3 and i love its graphics, multitasking, modding capabilities, etc.
    Also, i love the emotions
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  17. Hayden99

    Hayden99 Member

    Sims 1 was my first Unleashed. The Pets really wanted me to get the game. I never really got any more expansion packs for the sims 1 in my old days... :(
  18. yoyo

    yoyo Active Member

    I remember the first sims game I got was the sims 1, but not until I bought Hot Date first and then I had to figure out what an expansion pack was.
  19. forestbalrog

    forestbalrog New Member

    The first game in the franchise I played was The Sims Bustin' Out, so naturally that will always be one of my favorites. It's hard for me to choose between The Sims and The Sims 2, I really love both. I think that The Sims Complete Collection - the original game with all expansions - is easily the funnest and most unique game. In terms of base game, I think The Sims 2 is the best - it was a huge jump from The Sims 1 both graphically and gameplay, and you got a lot of content and options. I love all the different age groups, particularly teens and toddlers, and I love how much you can customize the neighborhoods. As for The Sims 3 - I do like the open world, however I personally hate story progression. I like to control every aspect of my sims' lives, I don't like leaving one household and coming back to find they've joined the military career, had 2 babies and adopted 3 cats even though I have turned OFF story progression. I thought the other games had a lot of glitches, but The Sims 3 takes the cake imo. I do like the body customization as well, but I feel like you have to have a ton of mods to make a good looking sim and a ton of mods just to make the game work the way its supposed to. I will give it credit - with mods and all the updates and expansions, it's a lot of fun.

    I always bought every expansion pack and most of the stuff packs for every game - as The Sims 3 came out and I felt like I was buying the same thing for the 3rd time (ex: Pets, Seasons) I gradually stopped buying them. I ended up getting Seasons but that was my last Sims game. I hate always waiting for them to fix all the glitches (I remember when Nightlife came out and the cars didn't work - they would get stuck on downtown lots and you couldn't leave, and that was in 2005 - then we have The Sims 3 in 2009; babies and toddlers stretching into horrific monsters, and still, somehow, in 2014, The Sims 4 comes out and the little stretching demon babies are still happening) I just feel like, why do I keep spending money on incomplete products that are not much different than something I have already paid for? I think the animators are lazy too (we have The Sims 2 where your sims will actually walk up to a car, open the door, turn the ignition, pull out of their lots and drive away. Then we have The Sims 3 where they simply walk to the sidewalk, vanish and appear in a car, which also randomly appears. Now we have The Sims 4 and they just magically teleport to lots. Talk about steps backwards) Blah, sorry for ranting. I just keep wanting to give TS4 a chance, but everything I read about it convinces me to stick to the games that I have already paid for and have tons of expansions and custom content in. Depending on what custom content comes and expansions, I may eventually get it but for now - I need to be impressed, EA! :p
  20. tom

    tom New Member

    sim city 2000 is the game for me
    too bad no one is making freesco

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