Favorite Sims Game?

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Favorite Sims Game?

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  1. Sims 1

  2. Sims 2

  3. Sims 3

  4. Sims 4

  1. EricasFreePlay

    EricasFreePlay New Member

    My all time PC favorite is TS2. I love it because it was the first series where you could watch your Sims from birth to death. I love making young adult Sims and sending them to university where they meet their significant others (though I keep forgetting that they can get engaged in college, just not married). I also love the challenges from thesimsresource.com (Although they are no longer there after a server crash, one of the members has the list of challenges and rules for them). I also just like the look of the Sims in the second generation PC game.

    As for the handheld games, The Sims Bustin Out (GameBoy Advance and Micro), and The Urbz: Sims in the City (GameBoy Advance and DS) were my favorites for the gameplay and Sims. I loved the Sims in those games.

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