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    Input may be fixed in next version (switch to SDL instead of OpenTK). Your sound problem is either related to OpenAL or your sound hardware configuration (if only Bass.NET audio is working, you won't even have that in the next version!). The game is slow because has like 10x the number of objects you might find on a The Sims 3/4 lot, let alone a TSO one, alpha blending an entire screen of pixels is not cheap, maintaining spritelists for hundreds of thousands of walls and floors is processor hell and we're still heavily in development.

    Slowing down over time may be due to some garbage collection issue. It happened extensively at some point due to HeadlineRenderers, but I fixed that. Not sure if the issues still remain in a much smaller fashion. (obviously, everyone's favourite 10x cpu core melter lot will cause these problems to appear much faster than otherwise)
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    It will happen next update.
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