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    New Update for the Installer!
    This update changes the default directory for installations meaning that FreeSO now will not need to be run as administrator. Not to say that you cannot the installation path to wherever you want on your PC, because you can do that too!
    Don't feel like switching back to the installer to see the status of your installation?
    You don't need to anymore! The status is now displayed in the window title meaning you can see the status in the taskbar. Here's a sample for you in the picture above.
    The more style, the better... right?
    @Alessandro Needs A Server (Alex on discord) made some more lovely art for this lovely application. Including a FreeSO Installer-like FreeSO logo (included in picture above), the buttons at the end of the installation screen, and even a completely custom screen asking for which FreeSO installation to install, my sim even makes a cameo.
    Forgot where you're installing to?
    Not a problem! In Download Information you can see where you're installing to when you eventually need to find it later.

    How do I get this fine application?
    You can always find the latest version at My Dropbox or by simply updating within the installer itself.
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    Great work JD :D

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