Freeso freezes 30 mins or less into game on Windows 7

Discussion in 'Support' started by Skyler, May 10, 2020.

  1. Skyler

    Skyler New Member

    I did a fresh install of Freeso on my pc and managed to play it for less than 30 minutes each time. It freezes and says not responding. After closing it from not responding it gives me a message in the launcher saying this. "We have detected that you are running FreeSO from a directory that is not set as the current installation directory (C:\Users\Name\Documents\Freeso\FreeSO)" Then it has a button next to the message that says Change Path. When I clicked Change Path, in Windows 7 it only has My Documents and not Documents. Therefore "Documents" is only for Windows 10. I'm not sure how to get this game running properly for Windows 7. It worked fine before, but once I did the update launcher it screwed it all up. Does anyone have an idea how to get this game to work again on Windows 7 please? I did a fresh reinstall after removing everything Freeso related from my computer. Please advise. freeso mess up.jpg

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