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Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by X_Lukelisx, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. X_Lukelisx

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    Are there any plans to make freeso controls compatible with keyboard?

    Existing controls
    < and > ; would rotate the camera, or If the object is selected in buy/build mode - rotates it.
    Scroll wheel would also rotate the camera
    + and - would zoom in & out respectively.
    Delete or Backspace should delete objects.
    Page up and Page down should switch to up & down floor respectively.
    Home and End should switch to to next and previous wall mode respectively.
    WASD should move the camera around.
    H to select Hand tool.
    F1 F2 F3 F4 should switch to live mode, buy mode, build mode, property info respectively.
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  2. JWofles

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    The only thing I'd say is make scroll wheel zoom, and not rotate.
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  3. SatanMistoffelees

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    Well, you could tackle it from the other direction.
    You could always use a DIY approach and use a microcontroller and/or dev board to build an ATMega324 based controller - so you could simply have your preferred keypad-like & cursor-pad layout in physical switches (could even reuse an external usb/ps2 numeric pad as a donor), and then program the '324 to read switch inputs and write/send HID signals to a PC/Mac/whatever else via USB.

    Since the '324 is already designed to look like a USB HID device when setup and linked over USB (it has an integrated serial-USB handler), it's really no more effort than to define what HID actions each 'pad keyswitch represents and have the '324 send appropriate input device data. This is quite straightforward and easy to do on the Arduino platform - a Leonardo or Micro board (or compatibles) make a good base being '324 based, but there are ways to make a '328 microcontroller (more common now in Arduino development) act as a HID.

    It's basically how i tackle such things, mind you i don't use Arduino platform development these days - but it makes sense to get a feel for the development.

    Hell, you could even create a capactive touch pad integration, so the touch pad primarily gives 'normal' mouse/touchpad function in parallel to your keypad equiv. Go a step further and you could code-slice the readings from the touchpad to create hotkeys on the pad much like sometimes is used on touchpad handler software.

    It's there to to explore, who knows, you could end up developing a HID device that becomes a template for an 'accessible' alternative HID for those who can't use a mouse properly/easily.
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