FreeSO Launcher: New Game Installation (Installation Failed)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Latteralus, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Operating System: Windows 10, fully Updated.
    AntiVirus: Norton Online (Disabled for this Installation, just in-case)
    Windows Firewall: Exceptions made for FreeSO Launcher

    1. I start FreeSO Launcher with Admin rights
    2. Start 'Full' Installation (On C:/ drive)
    3. Installs 'Open AI' Successfully
    4. Attempts to install .Net framework but I have newer version so I continue
    (.NET Framework 4.6 or a later update is already installed on this computer.) I hit 'close'
    5. I select my installation directory and it begins downloading game files
    6. Starts Extracting CAB files
    7. I get this Message:


    It has done this several times and with different files. 209 is the farthest I've gotten. I've also tried deleting the files and starting fresh. Which doesn't seem to help at all.

    Edit: I've now got it to, I notice that I am only downloading about 220mb before it stops downloading and starts installing. Going to watch to see if the longer it downloads the farther I get or not. My internet is really good so I have no idea why it would be doing this. Have no problems on anything else.

    Edit2: This time it is still downloading and way past 220mb. If any devs read this it may be a good idea to add a way for the launcher to download the full file, check for any missing files, re-download any corrupt or missing files, then attempt to install. No idea if this is do-able but it seems like my problem is the launcher thinking it is downloaded completely and attempting to prematurely install.

    Edit3: I got to on this last one. The above edit seems to be my problem. No idea why it is trying to install before it completes downloading.

    Edit4: Completely disabled Antivirus and firewall and still happened. No idea how to fix this. Everything else is downloading fine and at speeds of 10+mbps. I'm out of ideas

    Any help?

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  2. Becky with the good hair

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    Sorry you've been having a hard time installing FreeSO.
    You could try and use the original TSO installer that seems to be more forgiving with data loss and unstable connections: The Sims Online.exe

    After that you should be able to use the launcher to install FreeSO by clicking on its installer button (the one that has the FreeSO logo on it) in the INSTALLER tab. Do not reinstall everything with the Complete Installation button.

    Hope this helps!

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