FreeSO: New Heavy Map View UI Makeover!

Discussion in 'Contribute' started by Alessandro Needs A Server, Jul 16, 2016.



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  1. Alessandro Needs A Server

    Alessandro Needs A Server Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone!
    This other concept takes inspiration from my previous one to keep continuity. This one goes for the city view :p

  2. Tori Sim

    Tori Sim Active Member

    As much as I appreciate your graphic talent, I am not a fan of these changes - sorry :(
  3. jimla

    jimla Member

    I think your design looks clean, and in general it looks good from a usability standpoint. The biggest issue for me, though, is the white. It's a bit jarring, and it's just not the classic Sims blue. :)
    With this design I would definitely miss the simoleons (and maybe the time?) being displayed without the hassle of an extra click. I would also like to see a design of the sim-level view. It would have to be consistent with this one, and I'd be interested to see how that would work.
  4. Lure

    Lure New Member

    I really like the old UI and would prefer it then all your fancy new UI Changes, It won't stay true to the original.

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