FreeSO Official Blender Sprite Exporter (v1.1)

Discussion in 'Contribute' started by RHY3756547, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. simsfreak

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    GOT IT
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  2. Mixa97sr

    Mixa97sr New Member

    Is this still working? I'd love to make things for the game! Especially because blender is my 3D soul tool.
  3. Alessandro Needs A Server

    Alessandro Needs A Server Well-Known Member

    Of course it works
  4. Mixa97sr

    Mixa97sr New Member

  5. Raeven

    Raeven Active Member

    IN Discord's bug-report (which is for reports about freeso only), you ask
    • You have to make sure it is properly positioned on the tile
    • You have to make sure it is not larger than the tile
    • If you need for it to be larger than the tile for some reason you need to uncheck clip to cage (single tile objects only)
    See page 2 of this thread
  6. Mixa97sr

    Mixa97sr New Member

    One more question, I tried downolading the multitile script, but it only lead me to the html page with script written out. When I copy it and save it as .py file it does not do anything. It does not count as importable script.
  7. Raeven

    Raeven Active Member

    Try right-clicking the link and Save As
  8. -BloodFighter-

    -BloodFighter- Active Member

    download links are dead
  9. Raeven

    Raeven Active Member

    I am trying to add a flickering fire to an object and I am running into some trouble.
    The plugin uses a four frame animations to jump from camera to camera getting the 4 renders from the 4 proper angles.
    Generating fire is also an animation.

    Unlike the cloth simulator, I can't seem to "freeze" the fire at a single frame (creating a stationary fire-shaped object that I could use while the plugin runs).

    Is there a way for making them both work together? Or do any/all animated objects need to be set up manually for each frame?
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  10. Alan

    Alan New Member

    Can we get new download links up please?

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