FreeSO Official Blender Sprite Exporter (v1.1)

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    GOT IT
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  2. Mixa97sr

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    Is this still working? I'd love to make things for the game! Especially because blender is my 3D soul tool.
  3. Alessandro Needs A Server

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    Of course it works
  4. Mixa97sr

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  5. Raeven

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    IN Discord's bug-report (which is for reports about freeso only), you ask
    • You have to make sure it is properly positioned on the tile
    • You have to make sure it is not larger than the tile
    • If you need for it to be larger than the tile for some reason you need to uncheck clip to cage (single tile objects only)
    See page 2 of this thread
  6. Mixa97sr

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    One more question, I tried downolading the multitile script, but it only lead me to the html page with script written out. When I copy it and save it as .py file it does not do anything. It does not count as importable script.
  7. Raeven

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    Try right-clicking the link and Save As
  8. -BloodFighter-

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    download links are dead
  9. Raeven

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    I am trying to add a flickering fire to an object and I am running into some trouble.
    The plugin uses a four frame animations to jump from camera to camera getting the 4 renders from the 4 proper angles.
    Generating fire is also an animation.

    Unlike the cloth simulator, I can't seem to "freeze" the fire at a single frame (creating a stationary fire-shaped object that I could use while the plugin runs).

    Is there a way for making them both work together? Or do any/all animated objects need to be set up manually for each frame?
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  10. Alan

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    Can we get new download links up please?
  11. RHY3756547

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  12. Raeven

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    I know that the lighting in the template is a quick set up and so not exact but it could be used a a rough guide or starting point for positioning lights, but this was created before FSO lighting. Which seems to create some shadows on the objects so will softening the lights/shadows in the .blend result in better looking objects now?
    Are there any other changes we should consider to our lighting set ups?
  13. dotequals

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    FreeSO Sprite Exporter Template & Script v2.0
    • Compatible with Blender 2.8 (also backwards compatible with 2.7)
    • Fixed an issue where exporting would crash if not in Object Mode
    • X and Y axis labels have been added for multitile exports
    • Documentation button links to this forum post
    • Z-buffer now continues to the end of the tile instead of image (Useful for T-Mog recolors)
    • Uses Volcanic's scale system (this requires the included freesotemplate.blend)
    Follow installation instructions from the initial post.
    This is identical to the regular zip, but everything has been packed into the .blend file (including the add-on). As of 2.8, this works pretty well if you do not want to install the add-on globally.
    EDIT: The packed file crashes with 2.7, use the separate template and add-on zip instead.

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  14. SimFreak

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    I've made a video for my Photoshop Sprite Processor for Blender Renders (Real-Time) around 6 minutes

    I have updated these actions to work more efficiently and removed a save file problem as well
    Photoshop Action can be downloaded under Creator Assets
    I as going to upload the file again but this way it's always the latest one.
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