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    In this thread Rhys mentions that the steps to getting FreeSO working on Mac may also work to get it running on Linux and this is in fact true and doesn't involve the unnecessary complexities of wine!
    On Linux the game looks for The Sims Online files to be in a folder named game and that folder must be inside your FreeSO folder. For example, /home/dotequals/FreeSO/game/TSOClient/TSOClient.exe should be the original TSO game executable.
    Installation Instructions:
    • Updating FreeSO is more difficult. After the game's update finishes, the updater will not run. You must run freeso.command or freeso3d.command again, where you will see it performing the update in the command line.
    • Additionally, the game will not properly close until you close the terminal window hosting it. This is pretty unclean, but it works for now.
    • Check back at this thread or the Mac thread after updates just to check if this process has changed, or if you need new MacExtras.
    Installed packages can vary widely from system to system so make sure to read the terminal output as you go through this process to check for errors. for example, has an unlisted dependency on bc, but will complete just fine without it.
    • You will need to install mono and (likely) SDL2 from the above steps if you have not already done so.
    • Download and extract the latest ReleaseOGL from
      • Because we aren't on Windows, ReleaseDX will not work. Don't download it.
    • You will need to obtain The Sims Complete Collection files from a Windows PC and place them within a set of sub-folders inside your Simitone folder. For example, /home/dotequals/Simitone/C:/Program Files (x86)/Maxis/The Sims/The Sims.exe should be the original The Sims executable.
      • If you're using the command line to make these folders, quotations or escapes are your friend.
    • From your Simitone folder, run "mono Simitone.Windows.exe" or "mono Simitone.Windows.exe -3d" without quotes and enjoy!
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    Amazing! Just replaced my lutris copy. With a few touch-ups this could definitely mean FreeSO native packages for many distros.

    Edit: I have noticed that I can't change which output device mono plays out of through pavucontrol.
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    Thank you so much for this! :D
    The instructions are really helpful instead of going off of the Mac instructions.
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    Added instructions on how to get Simitone working to my original post. You will need Windows to obtain the TS1 game files.

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