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    Just did this for a friend of mine and myself, works great. She has a MacBook Pro (dunno which one), I have a Hackintosh Desktop with a GTX 770. I'd be willing to make a youtube video of how to do this. it's not very hard. my friend could have done it herself had she known she had to right click -> save the file instead of clicking on it to download it, and which file to download off your TeamCity server (we both downloaded the logs by accident the first time)

    Bug report: Loaded up freeso.command the first time, played for a few, remembered freeso3d.command. got out of freeso, ran freeso3d, terminal popped up then my desktop froze for a second, I saw the last two lines of text I see before I see the login window (I have my hackintosh set to boot verbose), then was back at the login screen logged out. ran freeso3d again and it's running no problem. Fireplaces are flickering but I don't know if that's a freeso bug or a "my graphics drivers are screwed because I can't read and installed a beta version of High Sierra and there's no Nvidia driver for beta versions of MacOS" bug that I have with most games when using the Default display driver.
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    I wrote an application to easily launch FreeSO from your dock or Applications folder with a double click, waiting on a reply from Rhys to know if I can upload it here because it requires minor changes to the instructions.

    edit: testing a fix for needing to relaunch freeso.command if there's an update that needs to be applied.

    edit 2: Got discord integration working with FreeSO on MacOS. All that I had to do was download from Discord's GitHub page Unzip it, and copy discord-rpc/osx-dynamic/lib/libdiscord-rpc.dylib to the FreeSO folder.
    So now when I'm playing FreeSO my Discord shows:

    The Icon changes based on lot type (Going to a money lot replaced the hammer with a Simolean), and shows


    when not in a lot.
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    I hope I'm not crossing any lines with my modified tutorial / changed file, if I am, feel free to delete:

    is my quick and dirty youtube tutorial. I've never done a video tutorial (or video editing) before, so it's pretty crappy.

    I took @RHY3756547's tutorial and made a few changes.

    Download everything in the original post, except download my modified version of from here
    Take the FreeSO client folder (currently client-588), and rename it to FreeSO, then place the folder in your documents folder. Make sure to copy my contents too.
    Inside the FreeSO folder, you will find FreeSO and FreeSO 3D with the FreeSO icon. Place one of them either in your dock or in your Applications folder to easily launch FreeSO every time without having to navigate through the files each time.
    Continue RHY's tutorial to download TSO.

    What's different from the original macextras?:
    • Added two applications (FreeSO and FreeSO 3D) that can be placed in your dock, or copied to your Applications folder to make it easier to start FreeSO. NOTE: These applications assume you follow my tutorial as I place the FreeSO Files in a specific (known) location.
    • Modified the freeso.command files to remove the need to re-run freeso.command to apply an update. The game will run, prompt and download the update, exit, apply the update, then relaunch FreeSO. NOTE: After applying a patch, mono may (probably) both crash, and launch FreeSO. Click OK on the crash window. I'm trying to fix this.
    • Added the correct Discord-RPC for MacOS so if you use the Desktop Discord app your discord status will show what lot you're in and that you're playing FreeSO
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    Looks good, but your video tutorial is freaking out here. I will update the macextras on the FreeSO wordpress server with yours. Your macextras zip only seems to contain FreeSO for some reason, not

    I think the best way forward would be to develop a full launcher app for MacOS that installs SDL and everything - maybe @Sim can look into this or open source what he has since it mostly runs on javascript (Electron?). Again, I don't develop the launcher, so I don't know how much of it can reasonably be run on linux and mac.
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    I can tackle that with python. Give me a day or two and I should have at least a script, if not a launcher (think how getTSO is setup with options) to show to setup everything.
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    Any update on the video tutorial or launcher? Still can't get it to work.

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