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  1. Yuriane

    Yuriane New Member

    You have to take cd ~/Downloads/TSO_Installer_v1.1239.1.0 (just delete .zip from the end). Then it works!
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  2. Yuriane

    Yuriane New Member

    I installed everthing and followed all the instructions step by step without any error but when i wanted to execute freeso.command or freeso3d.command, i got the answer "command not found".
    Does somebody know what might be the reason?
    (What I made but don't stand in the instructions: I renamed the client-746 folder as "FreeSO" and used it like described in the last point as "my FreeSO folder")

    OK no no no no! I have to correct myself: Everything worked fine until the end! I just got what I did wrong!
    For everybody who will make the same mistake: You have to move the shell data (with the name "freeso.command" or "freeso3d.command") out of your FreeSO folder into the terminal and enter!!

    Thank you very much for the instruction to play FreeSO on Mac!
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  3. Seananthony

    Seananthony New Member

    YES. I agree on these little details in the instructions aren't there and I had to go through the same process.
    1. Delete ".zip" off the "(ex. cd ~/Downloads/" when changing directory.
    2. Rename the folder "client-746" to "FreeSO".
    3. To launch "freeso.command" use '~/Documents/Freeso/freeso.command' or '~/Documents/Freeso/freeso.command' for 3D (without quotes).

    Can't wait to have an .app to launch from. For some reason joining properties seems to have gotten pretty difficult. I'm getting "reconnecting to lot server".
  4. jjackesr

    jjackesr New Member

    I followed all the steps and it worked, I'm playing FreeSo on my macbook. Im so happy! Thanks a lot :D
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  5. Niconewton

    Niconewton New Member

    Thanks a lot man ! you guys should update this guide, cause Its incorrect.
  6. dotequals

    dotequals Member

    macOS Catalina (10.15) was released today. I'll probably wait a bit longer before upgrading my computer, but please share any difficulties you experience and workarounds you find.

    EDIT: Just updated and can run the game without issue. If you use --arch=32 to run the game it will no longer work (32-bit support has been deprecated as of Catalina).

    I don't have a clean install of macOS without a developer environment so I'm not sure what potential hurdles fresh installs may come across when installing FreeSO's dependencies under Catalina.

    EDIT: Some new notes. You may need to find the .dylib files before running and right click them and click Open to bypass the new Notarization stuff.
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  7. Seanín

    Seanín New Member

    What does this mean?

    ~ Seanin$ cabextract -d ~/Documents/The\ Sims\ Online

    -bash: cabextract: command not found
  8. dotequals

    dotequals Member

    Looks like the Terminal can't find cabextract in your path. If you know you installed it for sure using Homebrew. Close the Terminal window and open a new one, run cd ~/Downloads/TSO_Installer_v1.1239.1.0 and then the cabextract command again.
  9. jjackesr

    jjackesr New Member

    I installed MacOS Catalina and my FreeSo no longer works. Terminal says the game files were not found, but I didn't move any game files :/
  10. Kisskiss

    Kisskiss New Member

    Is there someone who can walk me through this? It feels so complicated and I thought I installed home-brew but I can't do anything past that.
  11. Shay

    Shay New Member

    Thank you so much, I can finally play again! I don’t know how I was able to get it working, but it works! ❤️

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