FreeSO Open Beta kicks off on January 6th!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by RHY3756547, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Alex F.

    Alex F. Member

    23:05GMT UPDATE: We are currently mitigating a DDoS attack. Technical and security services are working hard to restore access to the public.

    EDIT: 23:05GMT UPDATE: We sincerely apologise for the delay in accessing the global server and appreciate your patience. Keep watch here for updates.
    You guys shouldn't be apologising, you probably didn't expect neither a DDoS attack or this many people. Nobody can see into the future.
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  2. Nico

    Nico Member

    its good to hear that they're already trying to fix the problem! :p
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  3. A DDoS attack. Typical. Always someone trying to ruin good things.
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  4. Nico

    Nico Member

    this is making me angry! :mad: very angry!
  5. Volv0

    Volv0 New Member

    no problem guys :)
  6. DaZ

    DaZ Member

    Wow kids DDOSING, extremely sad
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  7. daleylife

    daleylife Member

    WHAT? Somebody is trying to mess this all up? That pisses me off!
    I did however fear too many people whould try to play.

    But no matter why, I can wait some more. This is a huge undertaking, so I can wait knowing good things are coming.
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  8. Volv0

    Volv0 New Member

    its to late , why kids is still awake? xD
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  9. Alyson

    Alyson New Member

    Will we be able to log into the game with Rev. 409? Just downloaded the GS Installer, but I've seen people saying they have Rev. 416... Installer only installs 409 :l
  10. alan006

    alan006 New Member

    In a way with too many people trying to register, it shows how popular it is. A larger player db will be good for the city :) can't wait to meet everyone :)
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  11. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
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  12. mini_cooper4

    mini_cooper4 Member

    Same question here.
    I downloaded the setup tool from and it installs 409.
    Any way to update ?
  13. Nico

    Nico Member

    lets hope that they know now that there are people who want to destroy this and are now prepared for other DDoS things.
  14. Trax

    Trax New Member

    Grrr there's always someone ruining the fun! :mad:
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  15. Inkedbettie

    Inkedbettie New Member

    I just found out this was happening a couple weeks ago and I am soooo happy. I have missed pizza so much
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  16. H4X0R46

    H4X0R46 Member

    Reloaded the website, they added a DDoS protection service, so this is a good thing, it checked my browser on reload. It's getting fixed.
  17. daleylife

    daleylife Member

    I just attempted to run the game to see what version I ended up with and this is what I get when I press "play freeso"
  18. Alyson

    Alyson New Member

    Will I be able to log into the GS server if I have rev. 409? I've seen people with Rev. 416, so I'm just making sure.
  19. I expect this is only the beginning. Once word gets out, there will be plenty of trolls, hackers and other unpleasant people crawling out of the woodwork.
  20. pisarz1958

    pisarz1958 Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    The game will download the update after logging in to the server.
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