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  1. Chompers

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    Hey everyone. In an effort to get as much information into the hands of our players as possible to help them understand the game, I've started collecting data on object payouts. Our goals are as follows:

    1) To provide our player base with an equal playing field in the forum of transparent information
    2) To be a publicly open project - taking contributions and corrections from anyone willing to participate in any capacity
    3) To help us in the beta environment get a wider picture at the game economy, and shed light on places where balance can be improved

    Our current projects available are as follows:

    1) Make the information available aesthetically pleasing, preferably by someone applying the current FreeSO theme to the data representation.
    2) Collect information en masse for the payouts at max level for Pizza and Code to get reliable averages
    3) Record the max payouts for all eight solo objects with 16+ participating (this will probably involve a closed lot and synchronization amongst 16-24 people)
    4) To obtain the actual object payout functions and their values (right now the conjecture is base*skill bonus*participation bonus but that seems simplified and we lack values for skill bonus.)

    Completion time measured from the moment the object interaction is clicked to the moment the celebration animation for selling the item stops and the ability to select a new action is regained, from a standing position immediately after having just completed the object.
    Measurements were taken both on an owned money lot with the cut subtracted ($1 per object completion) and by a separate sim at the same level on a separate unowned unaffiliated lot for checking purposes.
    Time measurements were taken several times to account for lag discrepancies and other factors that can't be controlled

    Things to take away from these results in my opinion - Most of the solo objects are in the same ballpark except potions which are bananas low and chalkboards because of how fast they are to complete. I don't know that any of the solo objects need nerf again - though I won't have a better idea until I get max payouts calculated and how that scales... but it seems like solo objects make about 50-60% of what multiuser objects make on an hourly basis. The thing I'd like to see is these 7 objects lower than boards have their numbers increased proportionally to get all the solo money objects to a point of balance. With rough averages from Multiuser objects at 10-13k per hour and jobs paying much much more at high levels - it seems the ratios of solo mostly nonactive objects vs active objects and active work are at decent proportions already.

    If anyone wants to contribute to this project, has a suggestion for new projects, or feedback and corrections PLEASE by all means post them so we can all have correct, accurate information going around that's not based on guessing or assumptions.
  2. Chompers

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    Been thinking about where skills currently stand based on this data and the current state of the game. These are my opinions influenced by the available information.

    Logic- With the best solo object and a seat in Code as well as the very high paying but very annoying robot factory job, logic is among the best money making skills. Will be strengthened by the release of maze further.
    Body- With the second best solo object, seats in Code AND Pizza, body is among the best money making skills. Will be strengthened further with the release of band and the dancer job at the nightclub.
    Cooking- A great hosting skill due to increased HC quality (makes ur food fill someone in one sitting instead of 2 like the buffet), having access to pizza strengthens its money making ability a bit, but the negative randomness in pizza makes it less viable than the other multiuser objects, and jam is the second worst solo object - making cooking great for hosting but among the lower tier in terms of cash generation.
    Creativity- 2 of the top 5 solo money objects, typewriters being right up there with pinatas make this a pretty solid inactive money skill - but without a current job or group object seat this skill is really only good for getting serenade at level 8. This will be strengthened greatly by the addition of Band which creativity will have 2 seats on, as well as the DJ job at the nightclub.
    Charisma - Telemarketing is comparable to typewriting and pinata in strength, and having a seat in pizza and a job at the restaurant put this among the best money making skills available currently. This will be strengthened GREATLY with the addition of maze AND band. Slap 8 charisma together with 8 cooking and you've got a mean hosting ability - shaman.
    Mech - Currently gnomes are not great, comparable to jam. The seat mech gets in code and the job at robot factory though still put it among the best active money making skills in the game. This will be strengthened when object wear becomes a thing and repairs are necessary - as well as the upcoming patch to crafted object permanence.

    TLDR - if you wanna make money, Logic Charisma, Body and Mech are your skills. If you need to specialize in hosting ability - push more toward Cooking and Creativity until the rest of the jobs and group objects work their way into the game.
  3. Daddy

    Daddy New Member

    Awesome Chomps! Thank you.
  4. lemarah

    lemarah New Member

    Does anyone have any idea when that nightclub job will be working? Just to know when to start on those skills.
  5. Queenofthedelta

    Queenofthedelta New Member

    Is there an updated table anywhere showing the payouts/completion time for each skill object? The data in the table above is no longer accurate.

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