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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alex F., Jan 7, 2017.

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  1. if they needed to fix it, they should have done it BEFORE ANNOUNCING A RELEASE. i'm pissed off, completely. this is pure bullshit
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  2. AquilaSim

    AquilaSim Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    and we are not EA!
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  3. jimla

    jimla Member

    Also, no one is entitled to this game. It's free, and if you didn't help build it you can't complain.
  4. Alex F.

    Alex F. Member

    Okay, you're being quite rude which I assume is due to all the excitement. I doubt that any more than 20 to 30 players would have been "lost", and this would've happened had the game released - they are simply people not interested.

    And, these developers are giving up their time, effort, money and resources, and this is how you react? Name one game released within the past year with a flawlessly smooth launch... Wait, there aren't any.
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  5. NikNak

    NikNak New Member

    Things happen.
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  6. SophiaBaby

    SophiaBaby Member

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  7. are you blind? there were more than 200 people in this thread, and more 100 approx. just checking without commenting.
  8. pisarz1958

    pisarz1958 Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    You do realize that beta means we're just testing it before the ACTUAL LAUNCH, right?
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  9. Nico

    Nico Member

    give them a chance, please :eek:
  10. You are not entitled to this. Grow the hell up, or gtfo. Simple as that.
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  11. Verion

    Verion New Member

    I hope we won't wait too long, but if there are problems with FreeSO I'd rather wait than play broken game. I wish good luck then :). I'm waiting for any updates :D
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  12. Alex F.

    Alex F. Member

    All I am going to do is extend my thanks to all those involved, as they did not expect any of this, as they did try their best and hopefully this last push will bring the game and its servers into a stable state.
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  13. Nico

    Nico Member

    guys please stop fighting.. :(o_O
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  14. i did. for YEARS
  15. Nico

    Nico Member

    then give them another chance :p
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  16. Moonchild

    Moonchild New Member

    If it can happen in AAA game with tons of developers working on it it WILL happen on a launch of a game being worked on by 1-2 people in their free time for no pay. Appreciate that FreeSO is even a possibility otherwise maybe mmo isn't for you...
  17. pisarz1958

    pisarz1958 Administrator Staff Member Moderator

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  18. Alex F.

    Alex F. Member

    I haven't seen anything so stupid. The release has been cancelled, so people are going to continue with their lives, stop being so ungrateful...
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  19. AquilaSim

    AquilaSim Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    anyways, thread closed, you want to leave ? fine, no one will stop you, I hate the kind of person like you who have no idea of what she is talking about.
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