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  1. Lure

    Lure New Member

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    Whats in the server: Custom Content which you will need to download a executable file and run it to get the files required. is where to get it. Virus warning? You should unblock it or press Show All Downloads on chrome then click Recover Malicious File then press Hurt Me Plenty and then run the EXE FILE. (Chrome)

    Server offline? PM me on Discord.
    Want me to open the server? DM me on Discord when I'm Online.

    Come on! Lets Build, Buy and Live in Freetown at!
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  2. dennusz1995

    dennusz1995 Active Member

    and like i said earlier. putting some one else's CC in your ''server thing'' isnt really cool either.
  3. zc456

    zc456 Well-Known Member

    Actually, there isn't any guidelines on what to do with CC in The Sims Online because there wasn't any support for it until EA-Land and again with FreeSO.
  4. dennusz1995

    dennusz1995 Active Member

    Not for freeso maybe. But taking someone elses CC without them knowing isn't really great to do.
  5. Lure

    Lure New Member

    It is true
  6. dennusz1995

    dennusz1995 Active Member

    I don't think you see what point i'm making here?
  7. zc456

    zc456 Well-Known Member

    Nether of you is right or wrong. Custom content in The Sims Online has never been a thing.
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  8. Lure

    Lure New Member

    I'm starting this up again.
  9. cmanning2015

    cmanning2015 New Member

    Why is my computer saying it is harmful and not to download it? :oops:o_O:confused:

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