Gaifu Enterprises - Telemarketing-Only Lot (Charisma)

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    Ahoy! Jason of Legend here.

    For about a week now I've had Gaifu Enterprises open - a charisma-only work lot where you can do telemarketing - and annoy people on the phone - for money and put your charisma skill to good use. I don't know of any other telemarketing-only lots, but I know a lot of people with high charisma, so I've always been puzzled about why nobody stops by! Maybe nobody knows it exists - well, now you do!

    We are sited in a multi-floor office building, with the ground floor having the bullpen full of cubicles for you to start your magical telemarketing adventure! We currently have enough phones to accommodate 12 simultaneous workers, and are rapidly adding more (we should actually have 2 more phones in today!). Also present on the ground floor are some basic necessities, including a break room with home cooked meals, buffet table, punch, and a bathroom.

    Our second floor is the rest and relaxation floor where you can shower, play computer games, have some drinks and take a luxurious nap in our dark, quiet bedroom. It also requires a bit more construction to be filled out, but is currently functional!

    The third floor and above are heavily under construction, with the third floor poised to be the executive offices. Indeed, unlike other lots, we're trying something different - to stick to a particular theme wherever possible, that being an office building.

    So if you'd like to take part in a lot that's still growing, is built for telemarketing only, and has all need-fulfilling facilities on site, consider working at Gaifu Enterprises!

    What is a gaifu?
    It's like a male waifu, because I'm a very handsome man!

    Why telemarketing?
    Because getting yelled at on the phone for money is very fun and not even remotely depressing!

    Why is the sky blue?
    The air is filled with molecules that primarily scatter blue light from the sun, silly billy!

    Where do moths go in the morning?
    No one knows yet.

    If the lot grows enough, we will be able to afford to give out bonuses to workers. At the moment, we can't really afford to do so. Isn't my delicious home-cooked gruel enough?!

    Can I live at Gaifu Enterprises with you?
    Sure, why not! It gets cripplingly lonely. Sometimes, I think about sticking my head in the oven and turning off the smoke alarm while my Sim cries so hard he chokes.
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    Oh wow, it hasn't popped up on the map filters for me so I didn't know about it. Thanks so much for posting!

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