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Discussion in 'Support' started by pyranthas, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. pyranthas

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    While the server is currently up for the moment, they are still highly testing and migrating. They are testing personal performance, data, backups, etc. Lot loading is extremely slow. It is highly likely it will go back down as they are tweaking things. Do NOT attempt to login or register for an account until further notice.
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  2. pyranthas

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    Posting it from freeso community facebook page that where i'm getting the info. I will keep you updated on the game as i get them the admin must be very busy trying to get the servers back up and running just doing my part to help out those who don't have a facebook or are not in the freeso community page.
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  3. pyranthas

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    Once again....From Travis AKA Aries

    Nobody should even attempt to login. Even if the server goes up, it's because we are trying to test. You will crash it. Do not attempt to login until we clear you via #server-status
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  4. Ice Cool

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    Thanks for the updates, Count. Wish they would open up the Discord again, feels like I have to search for breadcrumbs every time the server goes down haha.
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  6. pyranthas

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    yes it works i just tested it
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    Staff Members - Thank you for all your hard work to get the server up and running. Will you be posting on here when it is done?

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