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    I've been spending quite some time on translating FSO.
    As some may recall there has been a german translation around since Project Dollhouse... Originally I planned to continue that translation. The problem was that this first version of the german translation seemed to be done by translating every string word for word, which made no sense! Grammar and spelling were all over the place and due to the fact that only about 3% of the game had been translated, I decided to start fresh!

    The translation is made out of two parts:

    1. UIText
    As the name suggest, the UIText contains strings that are used on the various UI elements of the game, e.g. all the tooltips that pop up when you mouse over a button or strings inside the build/buy modes for categories or objects ratings, hints that pop up when you're a new player, descriptions of various gameplay options, etc.
    This translation is currently about 80% done, but for me this is and will be a beta version (at least until the first server is live)!
    The creation of a "perfect" translation of the UIText requires a lot of testing. It would be necessary to see some of the hints, alters, error messages or gameplay features in action to translate their context in a way that makes sense in a different language. And that's the problem! Even though Rhys has done an outstanding job, bringing TSO back to live, there are still a lot of features that are missing. Of course, those features will eventually be fixes and/or added to FSO but until they are available, I can't promise that the strings for those features/messages/mechanics are perfectly translated.
    2. Objects
    Every object in TS1, TSO and FSO has it's own tree tables, strings and dialogs. When you open the buy mode and click on an object, a panel pops up, displaying the name and the description of the object. This is called a catalog-string. Every single object in FSO (currently about 3800) has those strings.
    In addition to that the object also manages the metadata for the pie menu interactions and other strings and dialogs that it might need to present the user when he/she/them clicks on a specific interaction. The best example for that in FSO/TSO are the skill objects: Every skill object has a "Learn to use..." interaction that, once a user clicks on it, displays a dialog showing you information on how to use this object.
    This translation is almost 90% complete. It actually has been complete but somehow I managed to mess things up and a few objects disappeared or broke the game so I deleted the translation for those objects and am currently in the process of translating them a new!
    Here are some screenshots:
    CAS.PNG buy.png bookcase.PNG
    self_interaction.PNG friend_interaction.PNG

    What Objects have been translated?
    Green = Fully/Mostly translated
    Red = Not yet translated

    Build.png Buy.PNG

    Edit: Here is the first version of the translation, it should be about 90% complete. There are some things that can't be translated yet (some UI elements, the text for walls and floors, etc.) If you find any spelling mistakes or grammar errors or have any suggestion about how I could improve it, please let me know either here, on the Discord server (Tirea#2551) or in-game, I play as either Tirea or Doctor Dave. :)

    I will continue to work and improve this translation and will post updates as fast as I can.

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  2. RHY3756547

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    Wow, you're really going for this! If you can, you should provide some feedback for the Evaluation before the 17th March. I think you're easily the person who has translated the most content so far. :p
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    Looks nice, what I wonder the most about though is, if you directly took the translation from the german Sims version or just translated it by yourself
  4. Tirea

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    My pleasure, anything I can do to contribute to FSO and/or the community in any form or way!! :)
    I'll surely provide feedback for the evaluation (working on my own FSO objects for now!).

    Great question!

    I took the translation from TS1 as a reference, but the strings have been updated ([german] grammar and spelling has changed a lot since the last 16 years).
    Obviously every TSO specific object has been translated from scratch, even objects that are in TSO and TS1 but have different strings in TSO have been translated from scratch!
    I looked at TS1, TS2 and even TS3 for references. For example "Room" which is "Raum" in the german version of TS1 has been changed to "Umgebung" since that makes a lot more sense. (Something EAxis realized when they worked on TS2)

    Interactions and the UIStrings have been translated from scratch, along with object dialogs and globals.
    For the catalog-strings I took 2 different approaches:

    1. If the objects has exactly the same functions and exactly the same catalog-string in TSO as it has in TS1, I took the catalog-string from TS1 but fixed grammar and spelling!
    2. If the objects hasn't exactly the same function and/or catalog-string it has been translated from scratch and/or got an updated version of the TS1 catalog strings.

    An example for this are stereos:
    stereo 1.jpg stereo 2 Kopie.jpg
    As you can see, I took the catalog-string from TS1 and fixed the grammar and spelling, BUT I also added necessary information for gameplay changes in TSO, that I found in the english catalog-string. In this case the description mentions the stations (Sender) that can be played.

    I also took some design ides from TS2 that cleaned up the pie menus, in this case the pie menu isn't displaying "Auf Rocksender wechseln", "Zu Country wechseln", "Auf Discosender wechseln", etc. like the german TS1 version used to, instead it give you the option "Sender wechseln" which opesn up a new pie-menu / sub-pie menu (what are pie menus inside pie menus even called?!) displaying all the stations you can choose from:
    stereo 3 Kopie.jpg

    I though about the translation process a lot! I didn't want to just copy and paste everything from TS1, but I also wanted to use some of the description from TS1 since (outdated grammar aside) EAxis did a great job making fun and creative descriptions and names for their objects and after all TSO/FSO is still a version of TS1 (or at least uses exactly the same objects as TS1 ;)), So I took the best of both worlds!

    All that being said I want to encourage and ask every german fan of FSO to please make suggestions and/or mention any mistakes that I might have done. I do not translate FSO just for myself! This is something that I want to do for the german FSO community so please once I release the first version of the translation, look around, maybe read the description of your favorite TS1/TSO objects and mention anything that you think is wrong, mistranslated, makes no sense, etc. :)
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    Kann man die Datei schon downloaden ?
  6. Tirea

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    Posted the first version of the translation. Enjoy!
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