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    GetTSO is an installation script for Unix(-like) operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, ect..., and was originally written by Fatbag. His version can still found on his Wiki. However, it has some faults: when downloading and installing TSO, it literally creates that directory in wherever location the script is located in, despite the options suggesting otherwise. Meaning, instead of being downloaded as ~/Downloads/TSO in your downloads folder, it'd be in ~/Downloads/Downloads/TSO. I've fixed this and made a few other tweaks. It will now properly download and install to one these directories:
    The top is downloaded cab files, the bottom is where TSO will go. The repository with these changes as well as an official release can be found on the FreeSims Github. Or Download Here.
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    I know it's public domain, but I still get the feeling you should have asked Fatbag before changing all the branding to "FreeSims". Nevertheless, its good to see this being kept up to date, good job.
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    Thanks. I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind. Someone had to pick up the torch.

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