Grand opening of Skizz's Pets and Plants! 5/21

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    Hi there! I recently came back to FreeSO, about a month or so ago and I've been working hard towards opening my store since. I love pets and gardens in real life, so I figured I'd open a store with both on here! I'll have prizes for first time visitors, as well as for returning visitors after the opening date. It'll be opening on Thursday, 5/21 at 9:00 PM MT (11:00 PM EST). I hope to see lots of people show up for some free stuff! My first time and return visitor rolls will be around for a long time. I'm making a list and checking it twice my friends. I might also have some different prizes set up by the time I open! I will definitely have different prizes in the future.

    The rules and prizes are as follows:

    First time visitor rolls:
    • 1= $500
    • 2= Painting OR Small Aquarium
    • 3=$750
    • 4= Goldfish Bowl OR Plant
    • 5= $1000
    • 6= $2000(Cash or Discount off item)
    • If you get 2 or 4 and don't want it, you can re-roll once.
    • All the prizes listed for the first time visitors are in and directly around the Prize House, you get your choice of paintings and plants.
    Return visitors can roll for a free pet OR mystery pull (3 chances a day).
    • Roll 6 dice, Odd four of a kind = Win.
    • Roll 6 dice, Even four of a kind = 2,000$ off a pet, pet roll or pet item.
    • To roll again: 250$
    There are also a few smaller dice roll games(First roll a day is free, once for each):
    • Roll 4 dice, two pairs of odds=500$. Entry is 100$.
    • Pick a number between 1 and 6, if you roll that number you receive 500$. Entry is 100$
    • Roll 6 dice, three pairs earns prize of the day or 1000$. Entry is 100$
    Each pet purchase will come with 3 free rolls in the small dice games. Required pets: cat/dog/bird/big aquarium.
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