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Discussion in 'Daily Life' started by Probably Rob, Jul 1, 2017.

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    Apparently, this can be used as a "welcoming board", so screw it, might as well join in, too.

    Greetings, I am probably Rob, but that's for you to know, and me to find out.

    You might have seen me on FreeSO as Justin Crombie, but I seem to be using Rob more often, and will probably still with it from here on - not fully decided yet, however.

    I still play The Sims 1, because it's just simply the best, better than all the rest. Memes aside, it really is the best. 3 is good, 2 I don't mind, 4 can go kill itself.

    I have an embarrassing secret. I may have made a Sims 3 diary, for some reason, which stars Justin Crombie, along with how he became a mainstay character of mine (he has since also starred in other media since then), which can be viewed here.

    So there we go, that's me - probably. I regret not knowing of FreeSO sooner. I also regret my younger self still not having a brain in using The Sims Online sooner, too.

    Just before I end this post, here's a quick fire round of my interests:

    Favourite music: The Mars Volta, Blonde Redhead, Dredg, Moving Mountains, Radiohead
    Favourite food: Stir-fry
    Favourite colour: Orange, yellow a close second
    Favourite number: Anything odd
    And I'm a PC gamer

    Farewell, and see you in FreeSO!
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