[GUIDE] Fixing your update that blew up

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    Right now the updater is pretty trash, so there's a fair chance that it hung during one of the files (usually discord-rpc.dll), or your antivirus stopped it mid operation. There are absolutely no safeguards when things go wrong, but this will be the next focus of development (alongside incremental updates that aren't all 128 MB).
    • Restart your PC. This is the only reliable way to make the operating system release discord-rpc.dll from use.
    • Locate FreeSO.exe. This is usually in C:/Program Files/FreeSO/ .
    • Force a reinstall of FreeSO. To do this, we need to trick the launcher into thinking FreeSO is not already installed.
      • DELETE FreeSO.exe and FreeSO.exe.old .
      • Open the Launcher, go to the installer section and click FreeSO Game.
      • Select folder without browsing anywhere else. This will put the game in Program Files.
    • Click the play button again, you should be on an older version of the game, ready to re-update.
    • (if you usually have trouble updating due to an antivirus quarantining files or sandboxing, disable it temporarily)
    • Update the game as normal. The patcher window should come up and flash through all of the files. If another error occurs, click the "Ignore" button. (might not actually work because the updater sucks)

    Why not just update the launcher to allow easier reinstall?

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