Help, I want to remesh objects for TS1

Discussion in 'Objects' started by MeowMix, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. MeowMix

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    I want to remesh TS1 objects to make them look right in 3d.

    I managed to install the whole Freeso launcher + everything but I got stuck when trying to register. Anyway, I moved on and installed Build/Buy PreRelease and got the game to work!

    Now I am very confused how to start remeshing. I found but my installation process was nothing like that.

    Do I have to use the online version of the game to remesh or could I just run volcanic on the 3d version of TS1?
  2. The Architect

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  3. Raeven

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    I've not tried SimiTone myself yet so I don't know if you need to use the online version for Volcanic, but the thread for joining a server and installing freeso is very old; It was started before FreeSO was on a global server. The online version now has Sandbox mode so you should install it (FreeSO) and connecting to the game server or not is entirely your own choice. Even if you never play online, you may want to make an account so your version of FreeSO updates with the rest of us, but that would not be a requirement for re-meshing. (Recent updates did change a few things about how the models are displayed so some had to be tweaked, but that would be rare)

    For re-meshing you definitely want to go back through the re-meshing discord channels at The Architect's link above and
    you want the wiki page describing exporting and importing

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